Q. What positions can RDH OnDemand provide if I need to schedule a temporary person?

A. RDH OnDemand is able to accommodate all of your dental temporary needs: Montana Licensed

Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants or EDDAs, and Front Office Business Assistants.

*Note: Availability may vary. Please inquire for exact dates and times to ensure availability.


Q. Will you send unqualified individuals to my office?

A. NO! All RDH OnDemand employees are thoroughly screened. All applicants complete a

comprehensive application and a personal interview. RDH OnDemand completes a reference

verification process on each and every prospective employee. All Assistants and EDDAs are

required to have at least 3 years experience. All of our employee's professional licenses (if applicable) have been verified and are in active and good standing within the state of Montana.


Q. If one of your temps hurts themselves in my office would I be liable?

A. No. All of our “temps” are employees of RDH OnDemand. RDH OnDemand carries a complete

Workmen’s Compensation policy on all of our employees.


Q. What if I would like to hire one of RDH OnDemand’s temps to work in my office permanently?

A. Great! We are happy you found a great fit! There is a finders fee required to be paid by the doctor and then the transition is complete. We would be happy to discuss these fees with you in detail. 



Q. What if there is an audit of my payroll? Will I need to pay penalties when I am using RDH


A. NO! Using RDH OnDemand’s staffing service protects you in the event of an audit. Copies of all

policies are provided to you in the event of an audit.


Q. I just found out that one of my employees is not coming to work, what do I do?

A. For staffing concerns please contact:

Tracy by phone at 406.425.0022 or by email: OR

Lynsee by phone at 406.647.3141 or by email:

If there is no answer by phone, please leave a detailed message, including your name, name of practice, what position you are seeking and the day(s) and hours needed and we will return your call promptly.


Q: Will working with you limit my employment options to entry-level or temporary positions?

A:  Of course not. All of our employees will be informed of any positions they are skilled for. Be assured that if you are just graduating or finishing up with training, we will match you up with positions that works well with. Temporary to permanent and entry-level to highly skilled positions are often available, and we work to match you to the best dental offices.

Q: Will working with you limit my ability to make a desired salary?

A: Not  at all! We pay you exactly what we discuss with you upon hiring. There are no hidden fees for you being an employee of ours and we never keep a portion of what you earn for ourselves. You can rest assured that all of thte appropriate taxes are being withheld from your check as you request on your W4 prior to work. We work hard to make our wages competitive so you can earn what you deserve.

Q: As your employee will I receive any personal benefits?

A: RDH OnDemand provides all employees with Workman's Comp and Unemployment taxes. In the event that you are injured at an office, you would be covered. Most of the time if you are working as a temp in an office you are not covered under their insurance unless you are an actual employee. At this time, RDH OnDemand does not offer health insurance, 401K or PTO.

Q: Can I set my own schedule if I am working as a "temp" employee?

A: Yes! That is the beauty of it. You can control your schedule and make it what you want. On your application for employment, simply indicate the days, hours and locations you are willing to work.

Q: What if I already have a permanent job, is it possible for me to work as a "temp" on days that my office is closed?

A: Of course! Since many dental offices are not open 5 days a week, this is a great way to supplement your income and get the hours you desire.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?

A: Yes. We provide an Employment Agreement that both you and the owners of RDH OnDemand sign. This protects both parties. It states, in writing, the terms of payment, RDH OnDemand's responsibility for all required taxes, that you have agreed to all policies, procedures and expectations that RDH OnDemand has set.

Q: Can I be guaranteed hours to work?

A: Unfortunately, no.  RDH OnDemand relies solely on dental offices using our service, so unless we are getting calls to staff their positions, we cannot extend those opportunities to you. But rest assured, our company and services have been