Looking For Dental Hygienist

Don't Spend All Your Time Looking for a Dental Hygienist

Even though dentists would like to spend most of their time directly practicing dentistry, most find that they spend many hours on administrative duties. One of the most time-consuming of these is finding the right people to work in their offices. Since dentist's offices typically do more teeth cleanings than anything else, this means that a lot of time is used up looking for a dental hygienist.

It is often thought that there is no way around the usual recruiting process, which involves advertising the position, gathering applications, and interviewing the most promising candidates. While this method will usually surface a suitable person to fill the role, it often takes an extended period of time. This not only eats into time that the dentist or office manager could be used to do other things, but it also extends the time that the office is not running at full capacity. Clearly, you need a way to reduce the amount of time spent looking for a dental hygienist.

The best alternative to the usual process is to work with a dental hygienist agency. Such an agency has already vetted many hygienists and has a stable of them ready to be sent to dentists who call for them. As the dentist, all you need to do is set up a contract with the agency and tell it when you need the additional staffer. The agency will send a qualified individual at that time and ensure that your hygienist needs are covered for as long as you require.

A dental hygienist agency will often bill itself as a provider of dental staffing solutions, and be able to cover other staffing needs, as well. This makes them a great partner in keeping your office running smoothly.