Dental Hygiene Jobs

Where Can You Quickly Find Dental Hygiene Jobs?

Many people who have just gotten their dental hygienist qualification face the immediate question of where to put that schooling to work. The old method of applying at every office in town is time-consuming, frustrating, and often, slow. Even with online applications being more and more prevalent, the job-hunting process still involves waiting for responses, going through interviews, and usually, enduring plenty of rejections before finally getting hired.

One way to leapfrog this process is to sign up with a dental staffing agency. This type of agency is much like other temporary help companies, but it focuses on matching dental professionals like hygienists with dentist's offices. Thanks to this focus, you can be sure that your credential will actually be put to use.

A surprising number of dental hygiene jobs are filled in this way. That's because every dentist's office has plenty of dental hygienists on staff, but individuals take vacations or health-related leaves fairly frequently. This makes it so that there are openings to "fill in" for the permanent employees, even when there are no new permanent positions available. A dental staffing agency helps dentists cover this gap by providing temporary dental hygienist jobs to those who are willing to go from one office to another.

In some cases, these temporary dental hygienist jobs become permanent ones when the original staffer doesn't return to her or his post. Less often, a dentist will use an agency to fill long-term dental hygiene jobs. In these cases, the dentist doesn't want to spend time directly recruiting or interviewing candidates. By using an agency, the doctor can bring in people on short-term contracts and then just keep the one who is the best fit.