Dental Assistant

Find a Dental Assistant Quickly

Your office relies on a number of skilled support personnel in order to operate. These people include dental assistants, hygienists, and specialized office staff. When any of them are missing, you can be forced to reschedule appointments. This causes patient dissatisfaction, and in turn, puts you under pressure to get everything back up to speed as fast as you can.

Thanks to dental staffing agencies, you can get a new dental assistant much more quickly than can usually be done via standard recruiting methods. This is because agencies have already interviewed and vetted those who they work with. Therefore, in many cases, all you have to do to get a worker sent out is call up the agency.

Of course, it isn't always possible to have someone sent the same or the next day. Availability depends, in part, on the qualifications each position requires. Typically, there are more people who are qualified to take on entry-level work than advanced tasks. Therefore, if you have advance warning of when you'll need replacement help, it's best to set up a schedule with the agency as soon as you get notice.

One of the best times to call an agency for a Montana dental hygienist or a dental assistant is when you know that one of your own staffers is going on vacation or will be taking medical leave. Then, you know exactly when your employee will be gone and for how long, so you can schedule a fill-in accordingly.

If someone leaves your staff suddenly, an agency is also a great help. It can send you a dental assistant or Montana dental hygienist quickly, giving you a chance to find a long-term replacement without the pressure that would come if you didn't have anyone to cover the position.